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FCA emissions recall could be a high-cost job

The campaign involves the replacement of catalytic converters, which contain precious metals and can be labor-intensive to detach and replace.

Fix the GAP hole in the Military Lending Act

A resolution on GAP sales was expected in May 2018. Ten months have gone by. And in the meantime, the exposure to heavy losses has only grown.

Sensing optimism -- and realism -- in an evolving retail sector

The U.S. auto dealership sector is working through a period of shrinking margins and flat sales. So why are dealers so optimistic?

Federal-Mogul won multiple piston awards

Federal-Mogul enabled engines to become smaller, more powerful, more efficient and cleaner with a series of eight PACE Award-winning piston breakthroughs.

New Cadillac CT5 kicks off overhaul of cluttered sedan lineup

Having filled the chasms in its crossover lineup, Cadillac is turning to the chaos in its car line.