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Optimus Ride's niche keeps its autonomous shuttles close to campus

A Boston company is taking a pragmatic approach to deploying its vehicles, focusing on specific communities where there are recurring short trips and where vehicles can operate a lower speed.

U.K. startup Arrival thinks smaller

It's taking a radical low-investment, small-footprint approach to mass production.

The growing toll of the microchip shortage

Here are the latest numbers on the impact on global vehicle production.

‘Last roll of the dice' for a storied brand?

Jaguar is about to undergo its fourth reinvention in five decades as owner Tata Group takes a second crack at shaking up a brand whose glorious past has rarely translated into a profitable present or sustainable future.

F-150's generator shines in Texas disaster

As millions shivered in dark, frigid homes, stories emerged of people connecting their furnaces, lights and refrigerators to the bed of their pickups.