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It's no Jon Voight's LeBaron, but the queen's Bentley sells fast

A dealership in England found a buyer last week for a 2013 Mulsanne sedan formerly owned by Queen Elizabeth. The asking price was about $250,000.

Can Jeep's big launches steer clear of global microchip shortage?

The brand's first forays into three-row people haulers and six-figure sticker prices are coinciding with one of the most debilitating supply bottlenecks the auto industry has ever experienced.

Automotive News 'Daily Drive' highlights, April 23-29

Here are edited highlights from the latest episodes of "Daily Drive," Automotive News' weekday podcast, April 23-29, hosted by Jason Stein and Steve Schmith.

Good times could be good time to sell

If dealers are on the fence, the smart money says sell while the market is a total seller's market, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Driveway: The lot you can visit in slippers

Lithia's expansion plans include the rapid growth of its digital platform.