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Stellantis' course change not a total victory for suppliers

Stellantis' pullback is a win for auo suppliers facing extensive pressure in recent years as the industry pushes through the pandemic and faces a microchip shortage.

How to sniff out something that's not quite right

The human nose is the industry's primary tool for judging what smells right and what doesn't. Aryballe has a new digital approach.

The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: N. America, Europe take losses

After a reprieve the previous week, North American factories removed about 87,500 vehicles from their production schedules.

Industry ‘ignoring' threats, hacker says

Tesla hacker David Colombo urged the auto industry to do more to shore up its cybersecurity defenses while speaking at EcoMotion, the annual Israeli innovation conference.

What's fueling the growing EV interest among drivers

With analysts predicting further pump price increases in the months ahead, it wouldn't be surprising to find even more drivers considering an EV.

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